Arkitekt live in London starting next week

L'eclettico progetto musicale di Noel Hogan.

Arkitekt live in London starting next week

Postby cranguy » 03/10/2007 (13:15)


You may hear something familiar about Arkitekt: the trademark ringing guitars and fluid melodies bear the unmistakable imprint of guitarist Noel Hogan's years with one of the world's most successful bands, The Cranberries, combined with the production and mixing skills of one Mr. Bernard Butler. Arkitekt's new music sounds fresh and different too, from Noel Hogan's subtle electronic touches and inventive programming, to the haunting and beautiful voice of front-man and co-writer Richard Walters.

Click Here To hear a 2 min mp3 stream of the title track 'Black Hair'.

The 'Black Hair' EP available on iTunes Oct 29th

Exclusive acoustic shows at the Enterprise in Camden, London NW1 on
October 10, 18 & Nov 6. Tickets £6 in advance, £7 on the door or £10
(post incl.) for ticket + CD EP. Buy tickets online.
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